I-ching icons vs Coronavirus

The Wuhan Huo Shen Shan Hospital and Wuhan Lei Shen Shan Hospital of China deployed emergency services to treat the 2019-nCoV flu in Wuhan.

Let’s research the logo of these hospitals to see their I-ching icons.

The first, analyse about the five elements of names and logos of these hospitals. We easily realized that Huo Shen Shan name and logo belongs to the fire element in the five elements; Lei Shen Shan name and logo belongs to the wood element in the five elements.

Please add that, the time of influenza began in December 2019 and broke out during the period of Winter Solstice. The disease broke out in the extremely cold times, the Yin Great. According to the theory of the five elements, we must use powerful fire to control the cold which belongs to the water element. So the first hospital built was Huo Shen Shan. In order to maintain fire, wood is needed. So the next hospital is Lei Shen Shan.

The second, analyse about the hexagrams of names and logos of these hospitals. Shan means the mountain corresponding to the Gen trigram. Hou means the fire corresponding to the Li trigram. Lei means the lightning thunder corresponding to the Zhen trigram. Shen which means a spiritual connection is in middle to connect two trigrams.

So Huo Shen Shan corresponding to Hexagram 56 which named “Sojourning” and meaned the wanderer or traveling guest. So Lei Shen Shan corresponding to Hexagram 62 which named “Small Exceeding” and meaned the little beyond of the limit or small transgression.

The meanings of hexagrams in i-ching often carry the meaning of each period and they will be transferred to other periods according to the I-ching rules. So Chinese hope the flu epidemic will pass away soon when they label them with the meaning of Hexagram 56 and Hexagram 62.

In addition, the mountains are also a great symbol in Chinese feng shui to stop and neutralize the Sha qi streams. So these two new hospitals are like a fire mountain and a thunder mountain to stop and stamp out the spread of the 2019-nCoV flu epidemic.

Finally, look at the whole picture of logos of these hospitals to clearly feel about their ideas. In the red logo of Wuhan Huo Shen Shan Hospital, there is a Xian Tian Bagua Circle with a Chinese gourd (Hu Lu) at center. Of course, the fire symbol is an indispensable thing in the image of this logo. According to the ideas in Chinese mythology, the image in the above logo is a magic potion in a Bagua furnace of the gods and it used to heal people. Next, in the green logo of Wuhan Lei Shen Shan Hospital, there is a shield with the thunder symbols at top, a medical cross symbol at middle and growing plant at bottom.
The fire and wood elements of the five elements were clearly represented in each logo, along with the hexagrams symbols to make miraculous power of the aforementioned logos.
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