The secrets in the new book named “Feng Shui For North Facing Houses – In Period 8 (2004 – 2023)”

         You are owner of a North facing house or living there. There are a lot of things  about feng shui of this house what you don’t know. You don’t have a huge budget for  the service of the feng shui masters, too. So you should not miss the important  information in the new book named “Feng shui for North facing houses”:

  • The eight forecasts for eight kinds of people live in the North facing houses;

  • The four auspicious areas and the four inauspicious areas of the North facing houses;

  • The four ways to disable the poison arrows from outside which directs to the North facing houses;

  • A lot of rules behave with the five important factors in the interior of the North facing houses;

  • Two charts of the flying stars for three detailed kind of the North facing houses; The ways how the stars work;

  • The three secret failures of the North facing houses which need to be avoided;

    So you cannot ignore the new book named “Feng shui for North facing houses” to receive the regret in the future.  Take it at here!

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