Feng Shui for Beginners


Everyone wants to have a complete knowledge system of the oldest feng shui knowledge today and you are among them. No more doubt or worry, everything you need to know is that:

  • Yin yang and the five elements
  • The yin yang grows up Ba gua. Two basic Ba gua patterns
  • Discovery yin yang and five elements in the time, the type of shapes, the seasons and the eight trigrams
  • The applications of yin yang and five elements in your life
  • The applications of Ba gua in Feng shui
  • Start with the simple luo-pan
  • The ways to activate fortune areas of your house to welcome the new year.

What you get back from this book makes it cheaper than any direct courses or online that you register. Don’t miss!



Published: Feb. 13, 2017

Words: 9,640

Language: English

ISBN: 9781370006595


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