How to Use the Five Element Pagoda in 2019

In 2019 the Flying Star #5 will fly into the South West section bringing more threats for the career, health of women of the family and those own the goat or monkey signs in 12 Chinese zodiac signs. Note that those own the monkey sign will be susceptible to stomach pain due to stress or bad eating habits. To neutralize the Sha Qi, you should put the 5 Element Pagoda at South West area of the house. Why is the 5 Element Pagoda an amazing Feng Shui cure that shields the home from misfortunes and accidents by the Flying Star #5?
This pagoda is clever design and brass composition, a symbol of the tough Metal element, are ideal to repress intense Earth energy which arises from Misfortune #5-yellow Star. When the 5 Element Pagoda is placed in the affected sector, it diffuses the effects of this star. It is designed in a way that there are empty partitions for you to fill up with sand or soil (which are symbolism of the Earth element). Sealing up the compartments once they are filled signifies the locking up of the earth 5-Yellow star, this serves to repress the malicious Qi that it exudes.

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    • Please move it to the new location of the house where the Five Misfortune Yellow Star fly into at new year. This is East area of your house in 2020.

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