Brainwave Music From Hang Drum

Brainwave music is no longer a strange concept for some people. It works quite well if you know how to listen. Hopefully some of the information below may help those who are looking into it. These are certain frequencies that are good for the mind and body. When “caught” by these healing frequencies, our bodies and minds will vibrate in harmony. These frequencies include:
285 Hz – Transmit signals to cells and tissues to heal the body. Bring the feeling of rejuvenating body.
396 Hz – Unleashes guilt and fear to make room for higher frequency vibrations.
417 Hz – Give listeners an idea to solve challenging situations.
528 Hz – Said to be able to heal DNA, repair cells and awaken consciousness. This frequency is also known as “love frequency” because it will help you find happiness in love.
639 Hz – This is vibration related to the heart. It allows us to feel love for ourselves and others until there is no discrimination between us. To balance relationships, listen to this frequency. If you’re struggling with troubles, conflicts, conflicts in one or more family and social relationships, then listening to this frequency is a great solution.
741 Hz – Said to be able to clean and heal cells after exposure to electromagnetic radiation; bacteria, viruses, toxins …. help a person get into the state can create the reality that they wish to see.
852 Hz – Awakening intuition.
963 Hz – Activates the pineal gland and adjusts the body to its original perfect state. Of course, there are many other healing frequencies, many of which are not within the range of human hearing.

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